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Critical update of the situation on the ground: 02/27/2022


In contrast to Russia’s lies that allegedly bomb only military targets, all Ukrainian cities are aggressively bombarded with an attack that has suddenly started from unexpected directions at all, apart from heavy airstrikes and tanks and armored vehicles and missiles, there is also a Russian invasion of tens of thousands of infantry and paratroopers. There are many civilian casualties on the Ukrainian side and severe damage to homes and kindergartens.

Ukraine’s government has declared of a military administration, is a terrible situation in which we can not survive too long “Chas Veshalom”.

In the midst of all the difficulty, we are making great efforts to save all the Jews from here! We have no other choice! Rescuing every person and family in the harsh conditions here is a fortune and very complex!

We are writing to you from here in tears !!! >> 

Our situation is very difficult and we owe your prayers and help please do not ignore us !!!

H E L P !!!

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Hatzalah Ukraine is a coalition of humanitarian, non-governmental, and medical organizations from the Ukraine, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Israel. Member organizations pool their resources and coordinate joint projects to provide independent and impartial relief and medical care to victims of war Ukraine and also to the Cherkasy Region. Hatzalah Ukraine chapters work under a unified strategic framework to increase the effectiveness of the humanitarian response in areas of crisis.
Hatzalah Ukraine provides humanitarian and medical assistance to all Cherkasy Region and victims of war regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or political affiliation.


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Our Objectives

  • Mobilize medical NGOs (non-governmental organization) and societies to open their medical and surgical resources, and make it accessible for the treatment of the injured and victims of the war.
  • Coordinate necessary human resources of volunteers abroad and medical staff inside, to implement the relief and development projects of the Hatzalah Ukraine organizations.
  • Set up logistic aid and training facilities to medical teams in Ukraine war zone, and help them to build the capacity to improve the management of injured patients and victims of the war, regardless of their ethnicity, race or religion.
  • Evacuate critically ill patients and severely injured to well-equipped health care centers.
  • Concern for human rights between the citizen and the authorities.
  • Legal assistance for the weaker sections.

Our mission

We believe in a world in which everyone has the right to life, health and well-being.
To support the health and well-being of individuals and communities affected by the war in Ukraine regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, or political affiliation.

Our activities are integrated with the cosmopolitan human-rights organization, Operating in Europe and Israel: Jews United

Our Partners


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Contact Us

Our activities are integrated with the cosmopolitan human rights organization: Jews United

To contact our Coordinator & Secretary General:
Nachi Weiss
+972-52-8500006 / press@hatzalahukraine.org / @nachi_weiss

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